Chapter OneEdit

Spring. Rainy, somewhat cold weather. School, the tests. You might think of the tests on paper and questions. Not mine. I have to get my blood drawn, put under surveillance, physically tested, and mentally tested. This kind of sucks for a 12 year-old girl. There for, from all that testing’s, I have no friends. Zero. None. I have no time for sociability what so ever. When I’m home for the summer, my parents keep me locked up. The only time I can leave my room, is when I get food, or get water. Humph, yeah, my life sucks. I’m Nicole Coleman. Pretty ironic name, huh? Like how coal is black, I have nothing black. My hair, white as the moon. My eyes, yellow. The reason why they test me, is because, for some weird reason, I have been cursed with the power to control and make water. One day, I’m going to escape from here. From the lab. From home. Live out in the wild, no one always testing me. Making new friends. Friends. That’s what I want the most. A knock on my door interrupts my thoughts. I stand to go get it, but before I could reach the knob, the door bursts open. Some of the lab people. Oh great, more tests. But, they don’t have the stuff they had for the tests that I’d taken, that’s when I get scared. “Girl, you’re coming with us.” says one of the guys in the white suits and he yanks my arm. “Wha-what?! No!” I say completely frightened on what would happen if I did go with them. There was a glass of water in my room, and I had to think fast. I quickly flick my wrist and the water come spraying out on the lab guy, and he lets go of my arm. I look around and see my window. I start to run for it. I try to open it but it wont budge. I’m running out of time! The lab guy is after me! I try and think of a way for the window to open. All I think of is one thing. Before I could think of what would happen, I kick the glass out of the window. I hopped on the roof, and looked at the ground almost what I could tell was 10 feet away. I could hear the others yelling, and shouting at other and me. I had to get out of there. I jumped down off the roof, stumbling on the ground. I think I sprained my ankle, but there was no time to just stand around checking. I sprint as fast I can. I hear sirens go off and people yelling. I still keep running. I see the fence that marks freedom. I put my climbing skills to the test, and I climb the tall fence. When I reach the top, I don’t bother climbing down the other side, so I just jump. When I feel the ground touch my boots I sprint into the forest that surrounds the lab. I’m no longer part of an experiment. I’m my own person. *****

I’m now deep in the forest. Away from that lab. Even though I don’t know where I’m going, I’m still happy that I’m not back there. I’m now on the run. People will try to come after me, but if they do, they’ll wish they hadn’t. The ground is soft under my boots, as I walk through the forever lasting forest. I was far enough from the lab to walk and catch my breath. Soon I will have to stop and find food, and some shelter. I can already tell that the moon is almost to rise. I have to keep moving. I tell myself that everything will be okay. But there are no promises. I’m my own person now, able to be free, have my own life, make friends. The thought of friends warmed me to a smile. Friends. I will have friends! The bushes shake and rumble. Oh no… the lab people? How could they have found me so quickly? I ready myself into a fighting position, ready to take on anything that I might have to face. The bushes rumble again. But instead of a guy in a lab coat, came a young blonde girl with a bright yellow t-shirt, a white short skirt and knee-high white boots with no heel. She looked about my age or a year above. The girl laughed and giggled with she saw me. I was still confused with her. The girl giggled again, “Hehehe, um, Hi!” the girl said still giggling a bit. I take a half-step backwards. “Hi…who are you?” I say with a hint of suspicion in my voice. The girl stopped laughing and giggling, and stared right into my pale yellow eyes. “You…you look like someone from the moon… the most important question, who are you?” the blonde girl replied with not so much happiness only in wonder and confusion. I just stood there, trying to process what she had said to me. I shook my head slightly getting a grip on things. Think fast Nicole! She thinks you’re a moon person thingy! She must not know my name… if she thinks I’m part of the moon… then let it be… I thought to myself quickly. I returned my attention back to the blonde girl who was still staring at me. “My name is uh…um, Luna. Yeah, Luna Coleman.” I replied with a slight smile. The girl just looked at me and tilted her perfect blonde head. I could see a twinkle of suspicion in her beautiful light sky-blue eyes, then it was gone. Her perfect lips curved into a smile. “Awesome name! I’m Faith Tropo! Nice to meet your acquiesce, controller of water.” she smiled again and laughed. “Oops, I mean, Luna.” She looked at me again with a wide grin. I cleared my throat. “How do you know I control water?” I asked kind of a bit freaked out. Still with the same perky smile, she flipped her blonde hair. “Easy, I could see that you looked like the moon, and the moon is the primary source of water control! Plus, if you can keep a secret, which I know you can, I control the weather. You’re not so alone!” Faith replied simply with her perkiness. I just stood there with my mouth open a little. Well, her last name isn’t surprising, “Tropo”, like the troposphere, is the atmosphere where weather occurs. “You can-what? Oh. My. God.” I say with my shocked voice. I just stand there awing at her. She just laughs again. “Come on, it’s getting dark, follow me, Luna. You can stay with me at our camp.” Faith said starting her way into the bushes looking back at me. I start toward her processing the words she had spoken to me. “Our? Who’s there with you?” I ask pushing through the bushes. “Ember-lee, she’s one of my only friends. But now I have you! Ember’s kind of special like us, I found her in a volcano, being tested, so I helped her escape. She’s kind of jerk at times, but she’s pretty good at end. She controls fire, thus her name, Ember-lee.” Faith said pushing the leafy branches out of the way. I kept walking, noticing my silence. But, I was very tired, I could Faith knew that, too.


We reached her ‘camp’ when the moon was at it’s highest. The dim moonlight shown on a small clearing with two tents on the edges, and a fire in the middle with two long logs next to it like a place to sit. I saw a girl with incredibly long flame-y hair that almost touched the ground, and a longish red shirt that covered the top of her dark-blue jeans, sitting near the roaring fire, her back towards us. “Faith, who have brought here?” said the flame-y haired girl. Her voice shown no emotion, which surprised me. I’ve been so used to Faith’s perky voice that I hadn’t even thought of her’s to be so cruel and unemotional. Faith walked up to the girl. “Ember, I brought the girl who can control water! Her name is Luna!” Faith said to the girl. Ember, her name was Ember. Ember-lee turned to face me. Her face was as emotionless as her voice sounded. She raised a brow as she studied me. Ember stood up and walked around me. She was circling me, and what appeared to be looking me over. She looked at my white hair, then my pale yellow eyes, looking down at my violet-purple tank-top I had been wearing, to my extremely dark-blue jeans that covered my black combat-boots. “Hmm… Alright, she looks like she can control it… Luna, is that it?” Ember-lee said to me. I snapped back into the real world, from looking at her beautiful flame-y-red hair. I nod a yes. “Good. I’m Ember-lee, but just call me Ember. I’m the one who can control and make the element of fire. So don’t go and make me mad.” I knew she was older then me, about a year or two. Faith came trotting up to us with that always permanent smile. “Wait, how old are you guys?” I asked them. Faith and Ember looked at me, then each other, then back at me. “I’m only 12, but I’m turning 13 next month.” Faith said answering my question. Ember stayed a bit silent, then she finally spoke, “I just turned 14 a month of two ago.” Ember said flipping her fire-red hair. Whoa, that figures, I’m the youngest here! I just turned 12 a week ago! “Now, come on, Luna. You need sleep, there’s no telling how long you can keep you eyes open.” Ember said. I nodded and looked around camp. “You can sleep in the tent, and Faith, you can sleep in that one, I’ll just sleep outside by my fire.” Ember said pointing to the tents, and directing us. Me and Faith nodded, she then grabbed my wrist and pulled me over to the tents. Once we were out of earshot from Ember, Faith began to talk, “Luna, do you have any other clothes? Like, pajamas? ‘Cause if you don’t you can borrow a pair from me, I have loads of clothes.” Clothes? Aw dang it! Clothes! I needed clothes! How stupid of me… I thought, I noticed I haven’t been talking a lot since I met them. And, Faith was staring at me. “Luna? Are you okay?” Faith asked. With that, I snapped back into reality. “Y-yeah, I’m just a bit tired and freaked about today, and, yeah, I do need clothes. Can I borrow a pair of pajamas?” I replied. Faith smiled and nodded and ducked into her tent. She came back out holding a pair of pajamas. They were a pair of pajama shorts that were pink, and an old t-shirt for the top. She handed them to me with a smile. “You better put them on then get some sleep. Tomorrow, we need to get some food… sorry we don’t have any for you at the moment, I know, we’re terrible hostesses. But, anyway, night, Luna! See ya in the morning light!” With that, Faith ducked into her tent and zipped it up. “Night!” I called back to her. I started toward my tent and ducked into it. There was a sleeping and a lit battery powered lantern hanging from the roof of the tent. As I changed into my pajamas, I wondered how my new life would be like, and how I would turn out in the end. I laid down in the sleeping bag with already dropping eyelids. Then the thought occurred to me. I had friends. Friends, finally. I closed my eyes and smiled. Friends…and drifted off to sleep.

Chapter TwoEdit

I woke up when the sunshine cracked through a crack in the tent. When I looked around, I didn’t know where I was. And I got scared. “Luna! Luna, wake up! Come on!” said a familiar voice from outside. Faith? Was that the owner’s of the voice’s name? It had to be, that’s the only thing I could think of! I thought. I blinked a couple of times, coming to realization for where I was and what had happened. I thought it was all a crazy dream, but it was real. I had run away from the crazy, stupid lab of testing. I had made two new friends. I sat up and stretched, getting out of the sleeping back and putting on my clothes I had worn yesterday. I walked out of the tent and saw Faith looking at the sky moving both her hands that face the blue morning sky. Ember was putting out the fire, but not with water, just a snap of her fingers and, poof! it was out. “Morning, guys!” I said with a sleepy voice. They both turned to face me. Faith had that perky, warm smile, while Ember still had that emotionless face. “Morning, Luna! I’m just trying to get a read on today’s weather, I suppose it’s going be sunny, but a bit cold. Perfect for finding some food.” Faith said still her hands up, facing the sky. Ember just looked bleak. “Faith, come on, we better start looking. It could take a while. Luna, do you know how to find food, or something?” Ember asked. Faith just snorted, or, what I believe was a snort. I looked at Ember with a warm smile. “I know edible plants, but I know nothing about how to hunt.” I replied to Ember. Ember-lee looked at me. “Fine, you can search for plants in that direction,” She said pointing into the forest behind the tents. I nodded. “Good, and me and Faith will look for meat in that direction.” she pointed to the opposite direction. Faith walked up to Ember’s side and smiled at me. “Lets get to it them, girlies! Me have until sundown!” Faith said with her always excited voice. “Okay, I’ll see you guys then. Good luck.” I waved my hand and started off into the forest. “You too!” I heard Faith yell to me. I smiled.


I was in the darkness of the forest, always looking back not getting to far from camp. I looked around trying to find berries or something eat. No luck. I’ve been searching for about 30 minutes, and I see noting but grass, trees, and holly bushes. Why was it so hard to find decent plants here? I heard the crunching of twigs and left over leaves from the past autumn. My boots crunched and cracked on every step I took. I sighed, Why can’t I find anything? Am I that pathetic? I saw a large oak tree, I was tired from walking around, so I sat under it branches. A fierce chilling wind blown at me. I shivered. I should have asked Faith if I could have borrowed a sweater or something. But whatever. I sat with my legs stretched out in front of me. Another chilling wind blown. I pulled my legs up so I concealed my warmth in. I closed my eyes to focus on the sounds surrounding me. The calming sounds of the chirping birds relaxed me. I felt another whoosh of cold air. I shivered still with my eyes closed. And I drifted to sleep. Some how, I felt the need to awaken from my sleep. As I did so, I saw someone, or something staring at me. “Ah!” I yelled and sprang to my feet. “Ssh, be quiet, you’re going to scare off all the prey in the area!” said a voice. It was a male voice, I haven’t heard it before, so I became confused. “What?” I said lowering voice. “Who are you? Where are you?” I asked kind of quickly. I heard a rustle of the bushes and out came a cute, tall boy. He was about a few inches taller then me. He had dark brown hair, and dark ivy-green eyes. He was wearing a grey hoodie, with dark jeans, his shoes seemed like black high-tops. “I’m here. And, my name is Jamie Snow, and, who are you, and what are you doing here?” the boy said standing directly in front of me. “I’m Luna Coleman, and I’m trying to find some freakn’ food so I can go back to my friends and eat. So, unless you can get me some food that I can bring back to my friends, you better buzz off.” I replied to him with my attitude. The boy, Jamie Snow, just stood there and smiled. It made him even cuter. “Okay, so, how long have you and your ‘friends’ been here, exactly?” Jamie asked still smiling. I tilted my head at his question. Why would he ask that? “I just came here yesterday and found them, and now they’re my friends, I don’t know how long they’ve been here though.” I replied to him simply. He just nodded. “Well, it was a pleasure to meet you, Luna Coleman. I’ll see you around sometime” Jamie said. He bent down to the ground picking up a bow. Why hadn’t I seen that? Am I that clueless? Before he could run off into the woods, and grabbed his wrist on impulse. He and I just stared into each others eyes for a long while. It was like there was no one else in the world besides me, and him. “W-what?” said a voice I could barely make out. It was Jamie’s. It sounded different, it was more calming and soft, then that tough guy thing in his voice that had been there before. I shook my head slightly, releasing his wrist. “S-sorry… I better go now, too…I probably wont see you, it’s to big of a forest for that to happen. Well, see you never…” I said, as I started off into the forest on the trail leading to the camp. “Wait.” I turn around to face Jamie. “What?” I see him close his eyes and swallow. Was it seriously that hard to talk to me? “I want to see you again,” he said finally opening his eyes. I just stood there. “Uh…when? Where?” I asked him. He stayed silent for a while longer. “Here. Tonight, at midnight. Can you do that?” he finally asked. I nodded. “I’ll need to tell my friends though. You know, you can come stay with us, it wont be a bother.” I asked hesitantly. I waited for his answer, but there was only silence. We were starring into each others eyes for a long while. “Okay…I’ll come with you.” Jamie finally said. “Really?” “Yeah, but, if you don’t want me too, that’s fine.” Jamie said, he smirked kind of playfully. I smiled. Another fierce wind blew by. This time I shivered, it was totally noticeable. Jamie’s smile went away as he walked up to me. He took off his sweatshirt and handed it to me. “Here, you wont be so cold. Just give back when we get to where we’re going. I assume you have a sweater of something?” Jaime said as I grabbed the sweatshirt and put it on. I shook my head. “No, I don’t, but I can ask Faith…Come on, it’s getting kind of late…” I replied. We started walking. I took the lead with Jamie trailing behind. I pushed past the bushes, even though it hurt on my bare hands after a while. About ten minutes pasted and we kept the silence. I turned my head in the direction of the sun. What? Sunset? I didn’t even eat lunch! Talk about cruelty… We kept on walking.

We finally made it back to camp. Faith and Ember weren’t to happy that I brought Jamie back with me instead of food… But, at least they got some rabbits and fish from the stream a little ways to the west. Jamie, who said absolutely nothing the entire time was just sitting on one of the longs watching the fire, while me, Faith, and Ember were arguing quietly a little ways behind him. Faith and Ember finally agreed to let him stay, but he’d have to sleep outside. On the ground. I tried to persuade them to let him have one of the tents, but they just ended up saying no… and Ember said some very…interesting…words along with it. Ember and Faith ended up walking out into the woods claiming they wanted to practice their powers…unseen. I sighed and sat down on the other log around the fire. I picked up some of the meat that Ember had cooked to perfection. I starred at the meat for a long time, turning it so I could see all the cooked meat. Jamie, who was still sitting there, had become more and more silent, even his breathing became silent. It was like… he wasn’t here at all… Then the thought occurred to me. I jumped straight up into the air, dropping the cooked meat on the dirty ground. I hadn’t noticed that I became unbalanced, and wobbled back and fourth, then I fell on the butt behind the log, with my long legs around it. That hurt! Jamie looked at me. I had noticed he was standing over me with a worried look. “Are you…okay?” He asked, giving me his hand. I grabbed it and he helped me up. I brushed the dirt off my pants with my hands. “Yeah, I’m okay. I just fell backwards on my butt and partially my back and I’m just…peachy.” I said with extra sarcasm.

His worried face soon showed a small smile which later, turned into a wide grin. Then, he started to laugh. Yeah, laugh, like actual laughing! That surprised me, then, made me blister with anger. “What? Are you laughing because I fell!” I yelled at him, my voice showing my fury. He looked at me straight in the eye, then when he saw that I was serious, he stopped laughing, and smiling, too. “Well, uh, no… not exactly, it was more like, er, laughing at your comment…” he said sheepishly. Then he turned around and started back to the log. I blinked. Whoa, he thought my sarcasm was…funny? Most people find it an insult… I sighed. “Look, I’m sorry. I don’t have the best social skills in the world, I can admit that, but,- sorry. I didn’t mean to yell.” That made him stand in his tracks. He just stood there for awhile without talking or facing me. That confused me a lot more then how I said sorry, Inever said sorry to anybody! He, finally, turned to face me. His face looked calm, but his eyes, shown fierceness. “It’s, uh, okay, I didn’t mean to offend you through. I just thought it was funny…” He said. I blinked then nodded. “So, are still on for tonight? Midnight? If you don’t want to, I’m fine…” I gave him a warm smile. “Well, I don’t have any plans, so why not? Still meeting in the same place? Or…” I replied trailing off, waiting for him to give me an answer.He gave me a small happy smile. “Just come out here at midnight, and I’ll lead you to the place.” He said happily. Then we both stared at each other for a long time, both with smiles implanted on our faces. The bushes rumbled. We both immediately turn are heads in the direction of the noise. Faith and Ember walk out from them. Ember with the same emotionless face, and Faith with, an abnormally, depressed look. “What?” I asked them. They just shook their heads, and walked into Faith’s tent, of which it seems like they were sharing. I was puzzled. Me and Jamie look at the tent then back at each other. I could also see that he was confused. “What was…” “I don’t know…” I said before he finished the trailing question.

It was really dark now. Me and Jamie still were confused by what happened with Faith and Ember. Faith and Ember-lee never came out of the tent either. I looked at Jamie trying to change the subject.“So, uh, what time is it?” I asked. He blinked, then shook his head slightly. He appeared to be in a daze, that I had just woken him from. Then he looked down at his watched and blinked unbelievingly. “What?” He shook his head again. Then his face turned back into that normal, cute, Jamie Snow. “It’s, uh, close to 11:45pm…” he said. His voice sounded astounded. I just stood there and blinked. “I better… get, uh, ready for midnight then…heh…see ya then…” I said sheepishly. I walked back to the tent rubbing my arm slightly. I knew my face was red, I could feel the warmth. I entered the tent, and found something on the sleeping bag. I tilted my head and walked over to it. They were clothes. Really, really, pretty clothes. The shirt, was a black tee, and a very dark purple tank-top. The pants, er, skirt was black as well, with, of course, the same color purple leggings for underneath. Then, there was a note. I picked it up and it read:

Luna, You should have told us that you and Jamie were dating! Here’s some clothes that will look good on you for Midnight, tonight! Have fun! - Faith & Ember

I felt my face get hot. Boyfriend!? Where’d they get that! Oh, well, I do need to where something for tonight. Better get ready… I thought to myself. I got changed quickly. I had to admit, I looked good in purple and black. My white-blonde hair looked like a mess! I searched around for a brush or something. I finally found one. I examined the brush closely. It was all black. Not a single other color, just black. Well, besides some little strand of fire red hair in it. Surely Ember wouldn’t mind that I used her brush. Right? I hid that thought in the back of my head and I brushed my long white-blonde hair. Now that I knew I was ready, I had that rockin’ black top with that very dark purple tank-top underneath it, and the black skirt with the same color purple leggings, and my rockin’ brown-black combat boots, I walked out the tent, where I found Jamie waiting. I smiled at him, as he did me. He peered down at his watch with a smile and said, “Right on time. Midnight exactly.” He shown me his watch, as it read: 12:00am.

Chapter ThreeEdit

We walked through the forest, Jamie leading me where to go. I was completely unaware of where we were going. I tried to ask him where we were going, but he told me to wait. He had his smile the whole way in the forest. He must be really happy. We finally stopped. I noticed we reached a clearing, but the clearing was on a cliff. By the edge, there was a huge tree. I mean, HUGE. Jamie looked back at me still smiling slightly. “Come on, to that tree. Can you climb well?” Jamie said, looking back at me. I look at him and nod. “Of course I know how to climb, it’s one of my-” I broke off. What am I supposed to say? I thought, I can’t tell him that I lived in a lab basically my whole life, and had to get tested, and in those tests I had to climb high distances! That would make me sound like a total freak! Ugh…this is to hard… “Luna?” I snap back from my thoughts, and see Jamie starring at me with slight confusion. I shake my head slightly. “It-it was just part of my gym tests at school, till, well…I ran.” I filled in. Total lie. I had no idea what real school was like, so I didn’t know it he’d believe me. He just nodded and said, “Okay, well, come on. The moon is at it’s highest, and it almost totally full.” He started to the gigantic tree. I followed only a few paces after him. I looked up. He was right, the moon was almost at the fullest. That meant, tomorrow, or a few days later, I would be at my strongest, and I would lose control of my power completely. It would go nonstop, out of control. I’ll have to stay away from seeing the night, and of water. I kept walking, following Jamie. We reached the tree and I noticed that it had been a giant oak tree. It was beautiful in the moonlight. The leaves glistened from the moonlight, making it even more beautiful. Jamie starts climbing, then I start a little ways after him. As we climb the branches of the oak, I couldn’t see anything that was on the other side of it. As we reached the top, he let me sit next to him on the highest, and safest branch there was. I gazed at the view I could see. It was a valley. A valley covered and covered with many different types of trees, that stretched on for miles and miles beyond. As I gawked at everything, like a child’s first time seeing something with way to much wonder, Jamie started to laugh. I turned to look at him in the eyes, with major confusion. “What?” I asked him. He stopped laughing, but stayed with a smile when he looked into my eyes. “It’s just so funny, how you gaze at everything with childlike wonder.” I blink. Then I smile. “Sure. Why not. I’m only going to live once, and only see things like they are just once. Why not look at them like that?” I say to him. He laughs slightly again. And, after all that laugher he says, “Well, I see your point there. So, I can’t answer your question.” I laugh so hard I almost fall out of the tree. Lucky Jamie was able to catch me from falling backward with his arm to my back. That would have hurt falling all the way to the bottom. ‘You know, I can take care of myself.” I said, regaining balance and awareness of what was happening around me. I almost made myself look like a fool! Having someone see my weak side? That’s defiantly not going to happen again. Ever. I think to myself,Why is he staring at me? Jamie just blinks. ‘If it wasn’t for me. You’d be down on the grass with blood spilling from your head, and be dead in an hour or so. So don’t go around saying you can take care of yourself, when you know you can’t!” I could hear the anger rising in his voice. For some reason, this makes me more upset. “That’s really a nice way to talk to me. Telling someone they could die. Great. That’s justwonderful! And, I can take care of myself!” I say, with anger rushing into me. My voice grows louder and louder as I continued. I see something flicker in his eyes. What was that? Fury? Terror? Anger? Whatever it is, it can’t be good. “You can’t take care of yourself, Luna! Your going to get hurt someday! And when that happens, I’ll be right there to say, ‘I told ya so’!” He yelled at me. I know that my sparks of fury glowed in my pale yellow eyes. “Excuse me! You’ll be saying, ‘I told ya so’, while I get hurt!?! Some person you are! And, I thought you were nice. There goes my judgment. Prize of worst judgment goes to Nicole Coleman for the year.” Oh. My. God. Did I seriously say Nicole Coleman?! Darn it! Why me? WHY ME?!?!?! I think rapidly with panic. He just blinked at me, his anger calming. “N-Nicole…? Is that your real name? Nicole Coleman?” He asked finally. I just wanted to scream, YES! YES, THAT’S MY FREAKEN NAME! But I couldn’t. He’d know me. Know me to well. “I-I…” I’m finally able to say. I’m on the verge to just jump off the tree and spray him with water and runaway till I die. “It is your name. That’s why you looked so familiar… wait, that means… You control the element of water! And, your friends- Yes! It all makes sense now!” He says, with pure triumphant joy. I blink with major confusion. “Ember-lee, she’s the missing 14 year-old who controls fire that escaped from the volcano. And, Faith, the newly 13 year-old who ran away from her lab, she controls and predicts the weather. This is all to easy! Yes!” He finally says. “What are you talking about?! How do you know all this stuff?!” I ask with my anger flooding into me. He looks at me. His eyes flicker with something unreadable, and he has a small smirk on his face. “Nicole, you know, I really like you. But, I didn’t want to tell you this. I’m an agent who is trying to track you all down. Now that I found you all, I can return you guys back to the lab, where everything will go back to normal, and everyone will be safe and cozy.” He tells me. More anger. More anger flooding into me. Then a burning feeling in my eyes. My eyes… Oh no. Oh, god… My eyes… I tried to avoid this, but now that I can’t, he’ll get what he has coming to him. He gazes into my eyes. A flash of confused terror clouds his green eyes. He saw. He saw what happened to them. From the nice pale yellow of my eyes, they turned to a dark shining gold. Then he gazed at my hair. Wow, I haven’t even noticed my hair… My straight, long white-blond hair turned into a wispy red-gold, that danced around my head like flames of a fire. This is what happens when I’m angry. It happens a lot with my strong emotions. He just blinks at my appearance. “You will not take me back to that lab. Ever. Nothing in the world could make me go back. Now LEAVE. Before you regret that you ever metme. That you ever were even born. You do not want to see me like this!” I yell to him. He stares at me. He begins to jump down from branch to branch swiftly hitting the bottom. I look down at him. Then with one swift leap, and land on the ground. Still in my anger mode, and turn to look at him. He’s just standing there. Slight confusion in his eyes. Other then that, he was completely fine. He looked determined. “How are you doing that, Nicole?” He asked me. His smirk made the tone in a his voice slightly more teasing. My hair glows more intently. I’m seriously getting irritated. I move closer to him. Step by step, till I stop to say, “You know how water boils, Jamie? It’s sort of like that, I guess. But, what should I know, it happens all the time when I’m very angry. All I know is that I change. The change that is huge.” Jamie’s smirk gets a bit bigger. “Well, just so you know, my name isn’t ‘Jamie’ it’s James. And, you are as very interesting as they said you were. But, I didn’t believe them of course. But now I see it. That’s why they want you back more then ever. To test you more.” I step closer. My hands begin to cramp. “James, leave now. Don’t come back. Would you rather have me blast you boiling hot water, or just go away safely. Your choice.” I say with a threatening attitude. Jamie- I mean, James just looks at me, with a boyish smile- the kind that makes him look even more cute- and he looks deep into my eyes. “Come on, Nicole. Don’t be like that. If you just help me, I could only return Ember-lee and Faith to their areas, and you and I can stay together out here, alone. How’s that sound, hmm?” He says, very, very kindly and boyishly cute. I blink. What is he trying to do? Bride me? Turn in my friends, just so we can be together? No way is that happening. I hold up my hands to face him, I aim low so it doesn’t burn off his face. With a flick of my wrist, the very hot boiling water come out of my hands and impacts James in the chest. He recoils. Then he runs up to me, with pure determination on his face. He begins to throw punches at me. As I dodge every single one, I throw some of my punches as well. But they’re obliviously covered with the extremely hot boiling water, so it burns the skin at it’s touch. He dodges them as well. He low kicks me, and sends me backwards. But, before I could fall, I lay out my hands on the ground and spring myself back up to my feet. With that, I send some of the water falling to James. James tries to dodge it, but half of it hits his shoulder. He winces slightly, then in a blur, he pulls something out of his pocket, and throws them on the ground. Suddenly, smoke covers the air. I can’t see anything, just I move around, with my arms up, prepared for an attack from all sides. I feel something hit me in the head. Something hard. I fall to the ground in pain That hurts. What happened? I was winning! He’s a cheater! Ugh! I think furiously. I begin to get groggy. My vision starts to blur. I begin to black out. Soon, I don’t feel anything, nor see anything. I soon then pass out.

Chapter FourEdit

I start to feel again. What is that? It feels…soft, and, it’s thin…sheets? How? I open my eyes slowly, and I start to picture a room.

The walls are pure black, with white stars and a crescent moon painted on it. The bed that I’m sleeping in, has a pink, black, and white poka-dot comforter. The sheets are just plain dull grey. The room is filled with stuff. On one wall, left to the bed, is a huge walk in closet. On the right of the bed, is a dresser with a medium sized flat screen TV on it. Next to the dresser is a large vanity, covered with stuff like makeup, hair stuff, jewelry, and lots of other things. Next to the closest, is door that seems to lead to a personal bathroom.

This person’s got it good. This stuff is pretty awesome. I think to myself. As I walk through the bathroom, I look at myself through the mirror. I notice that my hair is a bright gold color other then my angry red-gold. My eyes are a soft yellow, not light, not dark. Just yellow. Strange… I’ve never looked like this before…

I turn around and walk out of the bathroom, and sit on the unmade bed. I realize that there’s a sharp pain in the back of my head. Ow… how’d that happen? I think to myself. I hear a knock at the door.

I stand up and walk over to it, and twist the knob slowly, and open the door. It was Jamie. Jamie with a kind smile. I give a confused look at him. “Jamie? What happened? My head hurts a lot… and where are we?” I ask him rubbing the back of my head.

Jamie walks through the door and sits down on the bed. I decide to sit next to him, waiting for him to tell me what I asked him. Geez, this is silent…

“Well, we’re at my house. You fell off the tree and hit your head pretty hard, so I decided to take you to my house.” Jamie finally said. I’m at his house? Oh, wow.“Really? No wonder my head hurts so much… Hey, where’s Faith and Ember?” I ask him. His smile slowly goes into a small frown, and he says, “I’m sorry, Luna… but when I came back to camp with you, when you were passed out, there was no signs that they had been there. That’s why I brought you here.”I look into his eyes, and mine fill with deep sadness. I through myself into his arms and lay my head on his shoulder. I try my best not to cry, even though my eyes are filling with tears. At first I feel his shock, that quickly goes to comforting. He starts to whisper comforting words into my ear, while he stroked my hair. I felt a tingling sensation. I feel Jamie stiffen a bit. I blink away my tears, and look into Jamie’s eyes. Then I see it.My reflection. The color of my eyes are a cool blue color. My hair a grey color that’s tinted blue. This must be what I look like when I’m utterly sad. What happened to them? I can’t bare to think what happened to them.I throw my arms around Jamie’s neck. Jamie returns the hug, and wraps his arms around me. “Don’t worry, Luna. Everything will be fine…” says Jamie, trying to comfort me. And before I knew it, the door swung open.“Aww, Jamie! What happened to blonde one! She seemed fun!” Wined the girl. Me and Jamie quickly separated, as we both stared at the girl. She had pale pink , pale purple, and pale blue hair that was nearly close to white, with blue eyes with pink specks. She seemed around 13. She wore baggy camouflage pants, a strapless pink shirt, and black combat boots.The girl crossed her arms, with a slight smirk. Something tells me she’s not quite girly. I just look at her, suddenly loss of words. She notices and giggles slightly. Jamie stands up and offers me a hand. I take it, and he helps me up. We just look at each other till Jamie speaks, “Uh, Luna, this is Aridia. And, Aridia, you very well know that this is Luna.”I see Aridia rolls her eyes. She seems so different. Why does she look like that? “Um, no need to be rude or anything, but, Aridia, why do you look like that?” I ask.I see Aridia give me a cold stare, it was almost a glare, but not quite. “Well, Luna, I look like this because I choose to look like this. Why do you seem to change you eye and hair color every time I see you, hmm?”I blink. Shocked by her coldness. Then I shake my head slightly. “Well…” I stutter out, “It sort of changes to my mood…” Aridia just stares at me, bored. “Right now, I’m depressed, sad…” I finish.Aridia just yawned, which seemed pretty fake, of course. “Well, Luna, I can change my eyes and hair at will. Don’t ask how I can, I just can. See,” I see Aridia close her eyes. She clenches her hands into fists. I see her try her hardest. Soon, her hair turns from the beautiful pale pink, pale blue, and pale purple, to a midnight black. She opens her eyes and they’re an unbelievable red. “Ta-da.”I blink, completely stunned by her appearance. She just laughs at me, her laugh full of cruelty. “Well, I’ll see you two later, then.” Aridia said turning around. “Aridia.” Jamie said. Aridia stopped in mid-step. I see her hands turn into fists, as she turns around slowly. Her eyes give off a glow I did not like. I had to admit, the red eyes freaked me out. “What, Jamie. What do you want?” Aridia asked. I could tell she was trying to hide her fury. She looked completely past me, and it seemed that her gaze was only fixed on Jamie and nothing else. “Can you-”“No.”“But-”“No! Jamie, I will not take anymore of your stupid favors, or whatever you call them!” Aridia almost yelled. Her voice seemed so commanding, so straight forward, yet so angry. Her eyes and hair made her even more frightening.Jamie glares at the black haired beauty. “Well, then, I’ll just go have to tell-”“No! No, no, that won’t be needed.” Aridia said fast. I am shocked somewhat. From her anger, it turned to what seemed like fear. I see Jamie smirk.“Then, I guess, it won’t be a huge problem to ask you to be nice and hang out with Luna, then?” Jamie said. Aridia just stared at him. She blinked. I saw her eyes change to a calm blue color, then her hair to a dark brown. Why did she change?“Fine, Jamie, I will.” She says. She turns to meet me face-to-face, “Now, Luna, if we’re going to be ‘friends’, this is what I look like, truly.” She gives herself a little twirl.I nod. “Okay.” I say normally. Then I feel the stinging. I knew that my hair turned to the ashen blonde, and me eyes to the pale yellow. “And, this is what I truly look like.”I see Aridia, stand in shock of my appearance, then shake her head slightly. “Well, nothing to abnormal I’d seen before.” Then she pauses a moment. A wave of shock goes through me when I see what she did.I see her hair turn from the beautiful brown, to the ashen blonde of mine. Her eyes flicker to the same pale yellow likeness of mine, also. I just blink, shocked. I could see the smirk on her face. “Like me?” She said mockingly.“Why did you change to look like me?” I asked. She lets out a laugh. A cruel one. Jamie coughs slightly then slowly scotches past Aridia, and out into the hallway, walking away from us.“Looks like little Jamie couldn’t handle all this beauty. So sad my poor cousin had to fall for you. Out of everyone in the world, you. He told me about your little friends, what was their names? Oh, yeah, I remember, Faith and Ember. Jamie said that Faith was weirdly perky all the time while Ember was basically a social outcast.” Aridia said quite mockingly.I start to glower at her. “Shut up. Don’t talk about my friends that way.”

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