Chapter OneEdit

“Grayson! Time to get up! First day of school, remember!” yelled my mother from downstairs. I just groan and push the one of my many pillows to my face. I mean, who would want to go to school, and want summer to end? Not me. I stand up and walk over to my vanity. I take a good look at myself and take a deep breath. This year will be different. I will try to make more friends. Be more social. Have popularity. I sigh and look myself over again and again.

My medium length, wavy almost curly, dark brown hair that shown with a tad of red in the sun, looked horribly un-brushed. My eyes that were a somewhat hazel color with a bronze- gold color in them, sparkled with a bit of happiness, but soon draped over with my sullen expression.

I take a quick shower, knowing not to waste the hot water or my brother would flip out at me- like he always does. I brush my hair, leaving straight before it starts to wave and curl.

I get dressed in a dark pair of causal jeans and a pain grey shirt that went half way down my arms, that stopped at the elbows, and a black zip-up light jacket that I bring everywhere. I grab my backpack and head downstairs, hoping that my brother hasn’t eaten the whole kitchen.

I sit down at the table and tap my fingers that are covered with black nail polish. “What’s for food?” I ask eagerly. My mom who is obliviously making coffee gives me a look. I give in with a groan and stand up and look in the cupboards.

I take out a box of cereal -not caring on what kind it was- and poor it into a bowl and add some milk and sit down at the table and begin to eat. “So, where’s Mason now?” I ask, swallowing some of the cereal. My mom doesn’t even glance up from her coffee making to answer my question, “He left early. You know, Kali and all.”Kali. That stupid girl. How I hate her. She was the worst thing to ever happen to my brother. Ever since he entered sophomore year, he has been hung over her. With her perfect blonde hair, and pure light blue eyes, and every single boy at her need. She’s the most popular girl at school along with the most meanest and snobbish. God, how much I hate my brother for dating her for nearly three years.I try to hide my anger. So I just sigh it out fiercely. “Why her? Why’d he have to pick her out of any girl he could have had?” I asked blankly. My mom turns away from her coffee and gives me an annoyed face. “Can’t you at least be happy for him? For once? Kali is a nice girl. She’s good for him. She’s brought up his grades by a lot, and she has a good image. She’s also good to him.” My mother replied. I roll eyes. That was her answer every time I asked that question. I finish my cereal and clean up my mess. I grab my backpack once again and start to walk to school. Tenth grade. Second year in high school. All of school is bearable for one reason. Rosalyn and Cassidy. My two best friends in the whole world. They were there for me since I was new to this school, which happened to be 4th grade. They’re like my sisters.Rosalyn with the straight black hair and fair skin with beautiful green eyes, who wore glasses all the time, even though she never needs to unless she’s reading. Whose family has decedents from France. Jealous of her French beauty. Cassidy, with the long locks of blond , wavy hair and shinning blue eyes . She foretells that her decedents are from Salem. Like, the Salem witch trails. But all in all, she’s English.

“Grayson! Wait up!” Called Rosalyn, running up to me putting a book in her bag. Same old Rosa, the one who is studying all the time and is serious and never brakes a rule. Ever.

“Rosa! How was summer? I missed you. Why’d you have to go to France?” I asked solemnly. God, my summer was quite boring. Rosa gone all summer visiting her family that was still in France, and Cassie gone on her trip to Salem to visit her cousins basically half the summer. I hate having the normal family. Nothing very interesting ever happens.

“I missed you, too, Grayson. Say, where’s Cassie?” Rosa said, looking around slightly. I look around, also. No Cassie. I shrug and say, “Well, she should be here soon, right? Even though how much she hates school, she’ll still be here. Oh, and, you know her and her ‘beautifying’ in the morning, could take sometime.”

Rosa smiles and we hook arms and walk into the school together.

The first few periods were boring. History, AP science, and AP math -my mom made me do the AP classes. Lunch was like, my only time to relax.

Cassie showed up right before seconded period started. She claimed to have ‘car trouble’, but me and Rosa knew the truth. She slept in and took an hour to get ready as usual. Not really a good first day for her.

Lunch time. Me, Rosa, and Cassie sit at our usual table in the shadowed corner of the cafeteria. There, we wont get harassed by Kali and her friends. Our table that can sit five people, normally only sits three. The surrounding tables are always pretty full, but no one pays attention to us.

Well, today was different. Like I said this morning. Two guys, who seemed pretty new here, came up to us and asked if they could sit.

Rosa never looked up from her book, and is working on her all AP class homework already. Cassie just looked at them, completely speechless. I was the only one who could talk, “Sure. Why not.”

They sit down with a warm smile. The first to speak is the very blond haired -almost white- boy who had the deepest blue eyes I’ve ever seen. “I’m Ash, and this is my brother Cole. We just moved here.”

Chapter TwoEdit

Cole, his brother, looked nothing like him. He had the darkest hair I’ve ever seen. His eyes an amber-gold color. They seemed to be the same age as us. There’s just something about them…that… somewhat seems… different… but, I can’t figure out what.Rosa finally shut her book and organized her papers. She fixed her glasses and finally looked at the boys. And did the faintest noise of shock. Did she seriously just find out they were here? She needs to see things other then just work.I just look at Rosa and smile slightly, with a hint of mockery. I then turn back to the boys and say, “I’m Grayson. And the one who is the absolute bookworm with glasses is Rosa, and the blond-y next to me is Cassie. And sorry, we normally don’t have anyone else who ever sits with us.”

Ash just laughs a little bit. Cole has that whatever-I-don’t-care face that I’ve come so used to my whole life. “So Grayson, you all seem quite different from each other in many ways. Everyone I see at this school is separated by who they are. But not you guys. Why is that?” Ash asked.

I give him my faint mocking smile, “Well, we’ve been best friends since the 4th grade and we all took different paths, but we all stuck together. So, it’s not really that hard that we have an all brains Rosa, a blond-y girlie-girl Cassie, and a very normal, non-special, ordinary American teenage girl, Grayson.”

I see Cole roll his amber eyes and I roll mine in slight of him. Apparently he sees that, and he glares at me, and I flash in a full on, mocking, innocent smile. Ash seemed to noticed also mine and Cole’s stare down and just smiles.

“Good job, Grayson. I’ve never seen anyone who could lose my brother’s glare. He must like you.” Ash said. I feel my face get somewhat hot. Oh, great, I’m blushing, I think. I see Cole Turn his attention to his brother, I hear a loud thud, and then an “ow” from Ash.

I guess I saw something on Cole’s face. It was a shade of a reddish color. So, he was blushing, too? Interesting…I see someone approach our table.

Oh, great. Oh, God.


Kali of course has to torture me at lunch, torture me at home, and whenever she can get a chance. She hates me, I hate her. It’s just that simple. Me, Rosa, and Cassie always try to avoid her, but somehow she finds us anyways.

“Grayson. Rosalyn. Cassidy. Where is my Mason?” She asks us. I just glare at her. A very stony expression. Rosa and Cassie have that glare, too. After a minute of glares, I say, “ Your Mason? If anything, he’s my Mason. Since you know, he’s my brother and all.”

She just rolls her blue eyes. “Just tell me where he is, Grayson. Such a boring and dull name. Grayson. Like the color gray. And, BTW, Grayson’s a boy name.” Kali says. I stand up glaring at her, just about to start a fight with her, when Cassie and Rosa interrupt.

“Just go away, Kali. Can’t you tell we haven’t seen Mason, basically all day.” Rosa said standing up for me. As Rosa said some words that were like part of her speech. It was very good. Cassie chimed in with a couple “Yeahs” and she said some words that made me very proud to be their friend. Kali just ended up walking away kind of speechless.

Me, Rosa, and Cassie look at each other for a bit, then we break out in laughter and we sit down and calm ourselves. Then I turn to see two very clueless Ash and Cole.

“You see, that was Kali. Kali is dating my brother, Mason. And, we all hate her. No, we despise her. Anyway, she always makes fun of me and gets me irritated to point that I break. We’ve hated each other since the 6th grade. And no, she isn’t our age, she’s two years older, my brother’s age.” I explain to them,

“Yeah, and she’s the most popular, annoying, snobbish girl in the whole school! We can’t stand it!” said Cassie. I exchange a look to Rosa and Cassie. Then I turn back to boys and say, “Sorry, we shouldn’t be saying this to you two.”

Cole just has that very neutral face. And only Ash speaks, “No, no, it’s fine. She does seem… a bit mean. So it’s totally fine. She didn’t even pay attention to us, like we were invisible.” I nod in an understanding. All Cole does is make a disapproving noise.

“Like I would want to be spotted by a girl like her. She is to prissy and is super girlie. I mean, who would want to know her?” Cole points out. I give a mocking smile.

“Apparently, Grayson’s brother would. Oh, yeah, and Lexi and Jaime would, too. Remember them, Gray?” Cassie said. I quickly look at Cassie with a glare. Gray? I hate how she gives us all these nicknames. Cassie just giggles.

I sigh ending my glare. “Anyways, yes, I do remember them, Cassie. Lexi was one of our old friends, till, of course, Kali got to her before we even got to 9th grade. But, we found out that all the drama between all of us seemed to stop when she left. So, we were better off with out.” I shrug.

Cole has an amused smile. “Grayson, you seem completely normal about all of this. Very surprising that you don’t end up in tears by the end of day.” Cole said harshly.

Rosa and Cassie glare at him. I just look at him amused myself. “Well, Cole,” I begin, “As you can probably tell, my life isn’t all lollipops and rainbows, I’m stronger then tears. Therefore, I do not cry. Ever.”

Cole just stared at me. His eyes with slight confusion. Ash, he looked at Cole, then back at me, with somewhat I believe was awe. I just blink. Rosa and Cassie are now looking at me, with the same kind of confusion.

I start to get embarrassed and somewhat nervous. “Uh… what? Did I say something…?” I ask confused and slightly embarrassed. No one answers me. Cole just stares at me. Rosa and Cassie are now just looking down, finishing their lunches, and Ash was looking a Cole.

Ash laughed, it was a nervous one. “Well, Cole, that explains it. Now, you shouldn’t go around saying things like that, okay, Cole?” Cole just stared at his brother. No, it was an icy glare. Ash just turned away from him, now looking down at his food.

I look down, too, slightly embarrassed. “Well… I’m done with lunch. So, I have to get going before someone sees me…again.” I pick up my food and hurried off.

I made it halfway through the hallway, when someone stopped me.

“Grayson! Wait.”

Cole said running up to me. I stopped and turned to face him. His black hair fell into his amber-gold eyes. He quickly flipped it out of his vision.“What do you want? It better be quick, or someone will see me…” I say, slightly irritated. I look around.

Cole looks at me, trying to hold still of my gaze. Once I give up to make sure no one spots me, I look into his eyes. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say those things. It’s just- I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you leave.”

I examine his face for any sign of-what? What was I looking for? “Uh…N-no, it’s fine, but I really should get going-”

“Oh, Grayson!” Said a voice in a teasing tone.

“To late…” I sighed.

Kali and her crew come walking up to us. Lexi had auburn colored hair, and deep, deep blue eyes. Jaime had very light blonde hair and green eyes. In their hands they had some coffee, like they always had after they went out for lunch.I glowered at them as they made their way toward me.

Cole looked at them confused then back at me. “What’s going on?” he asked me.

“Something I tried to avoid.” I replied shortly.

Kali, Lexi, and Jaime stood in front of me. “Oh, Grayson, I see you got a friend here. I might say, he’s quite cute. To cute for you anyway.” She turned to Lexi and Jaime. “Say, Lexi, you need a boyfriend, right? Why not have this one?”I can feel Cole stiffen next tome.

“Go away, Kali. Now, or you’ll regret it.” I clench my hands into tight fists. The girls just laugh.

“Yeah, what ya gonna do? Hit me?” Kali said in a teasing tone. Lexi and Jaime laugh.

Kali and her crew started to walk towards me. When they were directly next me, they all dumped their coffees on my head, and jogged away laughing.I stand there. Taking quick deep breaths trying to calm myself. Cole, was looking at Kali and her friends with pure hatred, then quickly back at me. I screamed.

It was a brief scream, but one that still made everyone look at me, then back to what they were doing. Cole was trying to help clean up the mess that they had left. I couldn’t take it anymore. I cried.

Cole looked at me almost instantly when the tears started to flow down my face. He quickly gathered me into his arms, that oddly were strong, yet gentle. I buried myself into his chest, no caring that he was hugging me. I just didn’t want people to see me cry.The tears were flowing like a constant stream. I just couldn’t help it. The smell of coffee all over me disgusted me, and made me cry even more, along with how hot it was.

Like always when I cry, I lost awareness of what was happening around me.When the thought occurred to me, I quickly sprang out of Cole’s arms. The last of my tears dropped off my face. At first, Cole’s face was shocked, then looking at me with concern.

I begin to think rapidly.How could I have been so stupid? What if he ends up hating me? I just got my tears and coffee on him! Will he even be my friend now? ‘”I- I’m sorry. I-I didn’t- didn’t mean to-to get you all wet and everything. Just-just please- please don’t leave me.” I felt the tears form and fall from my eyes again. I flung myself into Cole’s arms without another thought.

I felt him stiffen a bit, then begin to relax. I felt his hand begin to stroke my hair softly. It made me relax a bit.

“Everything will be okay…” He whispered into my ear, so close that I could feel his warm breath. I begin to feel myself grow tired. I start to black out.

“I will never leave you.”

Everything went black.

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