The dark clouds swirled around the night sky, dancing in the moon's silvery light. Heavy rain began to pour, and a figure darted from a bush, running across the road, and to the other side. The moon's dim light cast across her pelt, showing the silver against the pounding rain. She mummbled something under her breath, and seemed to be waiting for somewolf. A large black figure came stalking into the area, and padded to the silver she-wolf. "Nikki, what are you doing at the crossroads? Not only you could die, but kill our pups on the way." He narrowed his dark blue eyes.

"Oh, Ryder, you know I wouldn't come here for no reason-" She winced, and continued. "-if I die, I want to see you while I do."

"What are you saying, Nikki?" Ryder's dark fur glistened with rain.

"I'm saying I might not make it giving birth to the pups..." Nikki looked up at Ryder, her shining amber eyes full of tears.

"Don't say such a foolish thing. You are strong, and I'm positive you'll stay alive." He licked her muzzle, and she winced again.

"No, Ryder, I'm seri-" She howled in pain, and gave birth to three pups, one shining silver like her pelt, one black as the night with a grey paw, and one dark grey one with silver streaks. When the pups where at her side, she convulsed, and went still.

"Nikki..." Ryder whispered her name, and growled to the sky. "You will never take another wolf away from me! I will die if they do!" He picked up the pups, and left the silver one, knowing he was going to be pained by the sight of a wolf that looks like Nikki.

A short growl came from a small black she-wolf. "You can't control me forever, father!"

"I can while I'm alive, Liri. Now hush and lay down." Ryder looked at the little pup with scolding eyes.

"You don't truely love me, do you?!" Liri flashed a small white paw to her father's face, leaving a few short bleeding marks on his cheek. She turned her back, and tears ran down her face.

Her father growled, and stood up. "It's hard living as a Lone Wolf with pups, Liri! You wouldn't understand! If you're so stuck up enough to leave me, then GO! You're just like your mother anyways!" he clawed her tiny back, leaving a bleeding line of four claw marks along her spine.

Liri yelped, and ran out of the bush, running across the road, and to the deserted town a few miles away. Ryder watched her go, snarling in her direction. He turned to the other pup, her glinting amber and dark blue eyes tearing up. "Where's she going, father?"

He stared at the little dark grey pup, still snarling with anger. "A place you should go to, Eve! None of you stupid pups deserve to live any longer!" He chased Eve out of the area, and she headed in the general direction of Liri. Ryder ran back into the bush, and no wolf ever heard of him again...

A black she-wolf was muttering under her breath, she was about one year old, and four scars ran along her back. She clawed the sandy clearing, making a few dashes along the sides. "And then from there..." Her voice went back down to a mutter. She finally finished whatever she was doing, and an elabrate map clawed out in the sand was before her. She smirked and licked her paw, clearing the sand away from her pin sharp claws.

"Swift Pack will never have another chance while I'm around." She mused in a low tone.

"So I heard you were planning something, Liri..." A voice butt in to Liri's plotting thoughts.

Liri was not surprised to hear this wolf. She growled lightly. "You heard right, Parker." The wolf called Parker stepped forward, eyeing the map in front of Liri.

His cream green eyes glistened. "It seems like a perfect plan for two wolves, don't you agree?" Parker's voice was almost snake-like.

"No. I made it for one wolf, me." Liri looked at Parker from the corner of her eye, not turning in his direction.

Parker narrowed his eyes. "Then why did you make two different lines for entrance?"

"That's my escape route, mouse brain." She rolled her light brown eyes.

"What a pity..." Parker whispered, and he kept glancing at Liri's scar on her back.

She caught him glancing at it, and she snarled, whipping her head to face him. "Get out of here, or end up just like me." Parker's eyes widened slightly.

"I'm older, Liri. I'm more mature, and know how to devise a worthy scheme. You aren't helping the fact that you're still partly crippled." Parker stood his ground, about 7 inches taller than Liri.

"I said get out!" She growled, batting a white paw to his face, leaving similar marks as... Liri turned away from Parker, tears stinging her eyes. "Just get out..."

Parker snarled at her back. "Ignorant she-wolf!" He spat, then exited out of the area, tail dragging on the sandy ground.

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