Chapter One: The PartyEdit

There was a soft knock on the door and a voice from beyond it's smooth oak surface, "Hello? Jamie-Lynn? Are you awake?"
My long, light brown hair was a mess, my wide rimmed glasses were perched on my nose, and I was slumped on the dark leather couch, watching the television with glossy green eyes. "Yeah, I'm awake..." I squeezed my eyes shut as the door opened, and a bright light spilled into the dimly lit room.
"Jay-Lynn! Your hair!" A perky voice squealed in distress, as the tapping of running feet filled my ears. As slender fingers picked up a lock of my tangled hair and plopped it back down, a more calm voice called to me. "Jay, you really should have gotten ready for-" The girl that the slender fingers belonged to jumped over the back of the couch, and bounced in front of the T.V.
"So, are you coming to the party like that?" Her pippy voice contained a bit of doubt, for I was trying to look around her thin body.
"No, Kitty. I'm not even going to the party." I said with a sighing tone.
"Wha-what? Jay-bird! You told Nicki you were coming!" Kitty leaned forward to glare into my eyes. "And you don't even have your contacts in! What kind of promise-maker are you?" She paused, as her big brown eyes stared into my green ones. "One that doesn't keep them!" She finished for me when I didn't answer.
"Just because I tell Nicki that-"
"Jamie, you should really consider coming." Said the calmer voice. "And Katarina... don't squeal in her face."
Katarina turned her brown-eyed-stare to the calmer voice's owner. "Just because you're a year older than me doesn't mean you can tell me what to do, 'Ducky'. At least that's what i over-heard your boyfriend call you!" Her girly voice turned dull and accusing.
The other girl huffed, grabbed Kitty's tanned wrist, and pulled her to the door. "Jamie, please think about coming to Nicki's party. You promised Kitty you'd come, and you told Nicki you'd be there. Bye" She pulled Katarina out of the door as an older sister would, but lingered at the doorway.
"Bye Nina." I muttered as Nina closed the heavy oak door. I waited a few more minutes, then stood up, and padded with bare-feet to another door that opened into a lavender-walled room. A large four-postered bed stood in the corner, and a walk in closet on the other wall. I walked lazily to the closet, got dressed into bleached, ripped jeans, a light grey t-shirt with random scribbles on it. My shoes of choice were right outside of the closet, old black All Star Converse. I brushed out my hair until it was as pin-strait as ever, put on some make-up, plopped in my contacts, and ran out of my room to the oak door.
I sighed, stuffed a twenty dollar bill in my pocket, grabbed my keys, and opened the door. I walked out of the house, locked it, and strode across the parking lot, and to a large white truck. I grabbed the black handle, pulled on the driver's side door, stepping up, and cranking it up after i stretched the seatbelt over my willowy torso. "You wanted me to come to the party, so here I go, Nina..."

As I drove down the afternoon sun-lit asphault, I thought over what Nicki would do for a party. Her house is a bit small, but she has a large backyard. I turned up the radio a bit, and continued driving with drumming my fingers on the wheel.
I bit the corner of my lightly glossed bottom lip like I always do when I'm nervous. Nicki's light blue house came into veiw as I stopped briefly at a stop-sign. Letting go of the brake, I turned onto Grape Vine Drive and stopped at the driveway of number twenty-three. Parking behind a cream colored car, I stepped down, closed the car door, and walked away after the honking beep to let me know it's locked.
"Jay-bird!" Called a delighted voice. "You made it! Oh, this party is going to be so much FUN!"
I looked at the open front door to see a girl with the same build as me, with shoulder length black hair and hazel eyes. "Hey, Nicki." I said to her as I got closer to the door- the walk from the road to the house was pretty lengthy.
Nicki was nearly bouncing out of her sandals when I reached the door. She gave me a hug, and ushered me in. "So, as you know, my house is a bit small. So inside we have the 'refreshments'-" She gestured to the various tables of food. "- my room is the only room off-limits." She added with a look at a curious girl about Katarina's age. "As I was saying, The refreshments are in here, and the party is in my yard. Did you know I got a small in-ground pool?" Nicki was looking awfully ready to boast about all of her new things. "Well if not you know now-"
She was about to continue, but she realized I was looking bored. "Okay, 'Jamie-Lynn', you win this time, bud." Nicki let out a soft, musical titter. I just hid my annoyed, if not disgusted, look. "Go on, Jay." SHe shooed me out of the backdoor, and I realized there was music blaring out of every fence corner. There was a smirk on my face when I heard Nina's voice come over the speakers.
"Er, - nevermind." She whispered to the crowd.

Nina set the mic down softly on the grass, and walked around the small pool to me. "That was SO scary!" She whispered loudly into my ear. I bit the corner of my lip as she stared around the crowd of confused people. Katarina came running towards us, a crazed look on her face.

"Jamie, Nina!," Her voice was very scared, but a hoarse whisper. "Nicki, she-" There was a scream that was so loud as surprising, everyone in the yard jumped, and there was a stunned silence.

"Everyone, clear out calmly! There's a gate on the left side!" I yelled over the muttering crowd. Everyone rushed to the gate, still muttering, a few cursing lowly as they were stepped on. "You guys stay here, I'll be back." I glanced at Nina and Kitty, then i walked through the bustling people.


Chapter Two: Old FriendsEdit

The sky was darkening by the time the ambulance carried Nicki away on a stretcher. I looked at Katarina with the corner of my bottom lip in my mouth. I let it go, and opened my mouth, trying to think of something to say, I closed it.
"I don't know what happened, Jamie," Katarina replied to me silence, "I just walked in, and saw... that..."
I stared at her eyes that were avoiding the stool that was being carried out by a few police officers. "Lets just go. Nina already left without you. I'll take you home." We walked to my car, the only one left. As I stepped into the driver's seat, someone called my name.
"Jay! Wait!" Said the male voice

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